If your first introduction to kohlrabi was an awkward silence moment when you found it in your CSA box, you’re not alone. There’s no need to be worried or intimidated by this veggie, and we’re here to put you on the path of becoming best friends. Most people are well aware and familiar with some of kohlrabi’s close relatives such as cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. While all these veggies have evolved from the same origin plant in the brassica family, the kohlrabi is arguably the most unique.

Kohlrabi can be enjoyed raw or cooked and can be made into a wide variety of dishes including hummus, fritters, and salads. This plant has recently been gaining mainstream popularity with chefs and food critics and can now be found on many menus across the country. Here are 3 ways to cut your kohlrabi.

LFFC currently has five farms growing kohlrabi; varieties including purple, white, and kossack (the huge one). The kohlrabi season is in the fall, and it is considered a well-suited storage crop. This is a great crop for our farmers to grow and help further support diverse local veggies that gives Lancaster such a great reputation in agriculture.

To help you with your journey on discovering and loving this veggie, we added a kohlrabi Pinterest board with recipes and prep instructions. Enjoy!

Kohlrabi Pinterest