We’re an organic farmers’ co-op
of over 100 small farms.

Together, we provide exceptional produce and goods from Lancaster County to communities near & far.

Local food, re-imagined.

We collaborate to gather the best from our neighbors in food: local dairy, baked goods, herbal remedies, and plenty more.

Growing with Purpose

We’re dedicated to empowering generations of farmers—all while building healthy soils, preserving farmland, and nourishing people. >Learn more

Community Supported Agriculture

What our members say. 

“This is my first time purchasing a CSA share and I love it!…The variety has inspired me to try different recipes and our meals have improved immensely.”

“Our family of five has been enjoying home delivery for over a year and we have every intention of continuing as long as it’s offered.”

“Our lives are better thanks to you. Food is so basic to human health. It is a joy to be able to eat such fresh and beautiful produce!”

“One of the highlights of my life is getting the shares (I think I have been getting them for 10 years)!”

“…That we can support and be supported by local farms and families is immeasurable.”

“….It is so wonderful to know that farms are growing with love and integrity. Thank you so much for all your work and nurturing us.”

“Our weekly [home] deliveries have been consistently on time, generous for the cost, and incredibly fresh!”

“I did all of the research for you and can guarantee this is the best option in our area!”

“Supporting our local farmers is so important, but with two working adults, time is limited so this service is invaluable to our family…We love LFFC!”

Farming with Nature

Generations of agricultural wisdom tell us how to produce the best food: taking care of people, plants, animals, and the planet. >Learn more