Summer 2024 CSA Pickup Guide

April 29 – November 2

1. Locate the sign-in sheet and your name

• Check off your name.
• Item(s) delivered for you will always be listed in your row. If you believe the sign-in sheet is incorrect, email us at or call 717.656.3533 x2.

2. Locate your item(s)

• Before your first pickup, review the detailed explanation of our shares below!
• Shares are packed in boxes or in the plastic cooler/insulated cardboard cooler boxes.

3. Unpack your shares and break down your box(es)

• You can take home your shares as they are delivered or load your items into reusable bags.
• If you leave your box, please unfold it as a courtesy for your host.
• Some sites do not have space for returned boxes. Double-check your “Welcome Email” for the site pickup details.


What if I am going on vacation? If you provide us with at least 2 weeks’ notice, we can “pause” your delivery (2 Pause Requests per season). You can choose to receive replacement items in a future week, or store credit on your online account to be used toward any future CSA purchase. Note: store credit will expire 6 months from the date issued.

What if I want a friend/family member to pick up my share? You are responsible for passing along all pickup instructions to them. Most CSA mistakes occur when members send substitutes – please help us avoid mistakes that cost our farmers money by sharing this pickup guide with anyone you send on your behalf!

What if my share is missing? Please contact your site host and LFFC ( or 717.656.3533 x2). You can find your site host’s contact information in the welcome email we sent you the week before the start of the season. We will do our best to help you locate your item(s). Please do not take a different share size if yours is missing.

For more FAQs, visit our webpage here FAQ – Lancaster Farm Fresh


For summer, there are three vegetable share sizes (small, medium, and large). Please be sure to take the correct size share. Veggie shares are individually boxed – one box per share.


2-3 fruit items
Fruit shares are bulk-packed, so DO NOT TAKE AN ENTIRE BOX! Always be sure to follow the fruit share instructions provided on the bulk boxes so that you take the correct amount of fruit. Example: bulk apple box will have instructions to take 6 apples.


1 bouquet per share
The flowers will be packed in a tall box and labeled with the names of the shareholders. Take 1 bouquet per share. Do not take the entire box.


1 bag of herbs per share
The herbs are individually bagged and packed in a box labeled “Herb Share.” Take 1 bag per share. Do not take the entire box.


Collect one loaf of the bread per share out of the correct box or cooler. Do not take the entire box.

*Refrigerated items are sent in a white cooler OR an insulated cooler box. If you do not see a plastic cooler at your site, please look for a cardboard cooler box(es) instead.*


These shares are bagged and labeled with the customer name. Always make sure you are taking the bag with YOUR name. Cheese shares are bi-weekly only.


One dozen per share. Bi-weekly egg shareholders: always double-check the sign-in sheet before collecting an egg carton.


One quart per share. Pay careful attention to low fat vs. original, please! Original Yogurt will be labeled with a dark green ribbon on the lid and side of the container. Low-fat Yogurt will be labeled with a white ribbon.


One dozen per share. Bi-weekly egg shareholders: always double-check the sign-in sheet before collecting an egg carton.

Herbal Medicine Share 2024 (CSM)

This special share only delivers one seasonal package quarterly: Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Please note that the Winter package will be delivered during the Fall 2024 CSA season. More info will be emailed to CSM shareholders prior to each CSM package delivery.

Unite for HER Members

Boxes labeled with the Unite for HER sticker are for Unite for HER members only. Please do not take one of these boxes unless you are a Unite for HER member.


During summer, as a special perk to veg shareholders, we ship a small box called a “Swap Box” with a variety of produce. If your veg share happens to contain an item you don’t care for, place it in the labeled “Swap Box” and pick something else. Please follow the “take one, leave one” rule and do not use it for anything except veg items. Note: Swap boxes are not guaranteed, and inventory may limit availability.

For members who purchased any of the shares below, please note their special delivery schedule.

Fruit Share: starts the week of June 10 through the week of October 28
Flower Share: starts the week of June 10 through the week of October 14
Bi-weekly Herb Share: starts the week of June 10 through the week of October 14 (delivers on odd-numbered weeks only)
Herbal Medicine Share: 4 seasonal packages, each delivered quarterly (delivery date TBD). Spring Package will be delivered the week of May 6.
Bi-weekly Egg & Cheese Shares: deliver on odd-numbered weeks during the season. The week number will be listed in the weekly newsletter email.