It may seem weird to think about fresh heirloom tomatoes, juicy ripe strawberries, and an abundance of pickling cucumbers while getting ready for the holidays…but summer is near enough that farmers are starting to plan their crops and prepare the land. There isn’t much that needs to be said about summer; On the East Coast we know it as the season of plenty. We all have our own personal favorites that we look forward to seeing in our CSA box every year – mine is heirloom tomatoes! So instead of teasing you with overly descriptive, drool-worthy details about all the summer bounty we’re looking forward to, this seasonal post will be about the farmers and why we all love supporting the CSA.

Every season, memberships from the CSA go directly to our farmers so that they may use the funds to start the crop and prep the fields, one of the most expensive processes in farming. Also, these funds allow our farmers to dedicate their time to the fields while they are not gaining income from produce sales. As all of our farmers are family farms, many are small, family farms under 5 acres. Many of our farmers exclusively supply produce to the CSA. Our CSA program supports their entire livelihood and allows them to sustain organic practices year after year. It’s easy for the CSA team to be reminded of the real reason we do this since we see these families daily and know their stories. We hope that this prideful connection and emotion is reflected in all that we do and that you, the members, can be just as proud of what you do as we are by supporting CSA.

Summer CSA is officially available for registration and as a thank you for supporting your local farms, we are offering an early bird discount to friends and families.

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2016 Summer CSA options