You may have noticed some bread photos popping up on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter lately. This Fall we’ve partnered with She Wolf Bakery, located in Brooklyn, to provide a very special CSA bread share. To say the least, we’ve been loving it! Fresh baked artisanal bread delivered weekly with organic veggies? Yes, please!

She Wolf Bakery started baking bread in 2009 in the wood oven at a New York restaurant, Roman’s. They’ve since grown into their own space in Greenpoint, New York and serve many restaurants throughout the city, creating a sterling reputation for themselves.

So far this season, we’ve had their sourdough, sprouted spelt, and ciabatta. We can’t wait to try the next varieties in the coming weeks—rye, multigrain, polenta-oh my!

She Wolf Bakery Instagram



(Table Bread, Retail Batards, Pullman Loaves)
This is an entirely naturally leavened bread, with no commercial yeast. It has a pliant, slightly sour crumb and a crispy crust. Ingredients: Organic white flour, water, Farmer Ground organic whole spelt flour, natural leaven, kosher salt.


(Boules, Multigrain, Pullman Loaves)
Bread that comes out of the oven on a Saturday has a production cycle that began on Tuesday! Whole spelt berries are soaked and sprouted over the course of the week, mixed into the dough on Friday, which then undergoes an overnight cold proof before being baked on Saturday. The enzymatic activity of the sprouting process converts starches in the grains into sugars and releases an array of vitamins. Roughly 50% wheat flour, 50% whole spelt flour and ground sprouted spelt berries. For the Multigrain, flax, polenta, millet, and steel cut oats are soaked overnight before being incorporated into the dough. Ingredients: Organic white flour, Farmer Ground Half-White organic flour, water, Farmer Ground whole spelt flour, spelt berries (sprouted), natural leaven, kosher salt. (Multigrain also contains flax seed, Cayuga polenta, organic millet, and organic steel-cut oats)


(also Ciabatta)
This bread uses both natural levain and a small amount of commercial yeast. It is brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt before being stretched out, flattened, and baked directly on the hearth. Ingredients: Organic white flour, water Farmer Ground organic whole spelt flour, water, natural leaven, kosher salt, extra virgin olive oil, coarse sea salt, yeast.