It’s the time of the year for Organic Farm Fresh Turkeys! We have a limited amount so please don’t wait to order. These turkeys are pastured, with no antibiotics, no chemicals, hormone free, non-GMO, and certified organic!

Last week we visited one of our turkey farmers, Elam from Pine View Organics. Elam’s turkeys are certified organic and live on the pastured land shown below. The turkeys are treated with great care and even have their own guard dog named Cindy to protect them from predators. While visiting Elam’s farm we saw the turkeys snacking on the remnants of recently harvested purple cabbage and following Elam’s children around the field, presumably hoping for some treats. Elam says their favorite snacks are butternut squash and acorns.

turkey8Square turkeys4Square turkey10Square

UPDATE: Organic Turkey’s are now SOLD OUT! We are offering Heritage Turkeys for a limited time. 

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