As many of you have already seen and maybe even experienced, LFFC has several seasonal dairy shares being offered for the Winter season. Great consideration and effort was put into offering the very best in local and organic dairy for our CSA members. All of these farms have been long term partners of LFFC, and they are all favorites of the staff. Let us introduce you to the Farm Fresh Dairy family:

Organic Yogurt Lancaster CountyYogurt – Seven Stars Farm

Seven Stars Farm is an Organic and *Biodynamic certified farm located in Phoenixville, PA. LFFC offers Seven Star Farms yogurt because of their commitment to organic farming and the quality of the product. Compared to large scale yogurt producers, Seven Star Yogurt tends to have a slightly thinner texture since they don’t use emulsifiers to thicken the yogurt. The ingredients for Seven Star Yogurt are pure and simple, making it the perfect addition to the farm fresh family. Ty from LFFC recommends adding granola and fruit with a touch of maple syrup to the yogurt for the perfect breakfast or snack.

Learn more about Seven Star Farms here.




1. the branch of biology dealing with energy or the activity of living organisms. 

2. “Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition.”


Organic Milk Lancaster CountyMilk – Trickling Springs Creamery

Like LFFC, Trickling Springs Creamery is a collective of small family farms that all provide grass fed and *pastured dairy. All the farms take great care of their animals and are held to the highest standards. A big difference between Trickling Springs and and large scale organic milk production is that Trickling Springs uses low heat pasteurization to ensure more nutrients, proteins, and natural enzyme structure stays in the milk. The shelf life is slightly shorter due to this process, but the rich fresh flavor will guarantee it never goes to waste.




1. A tract of land that supports grass or other vegetation eaten by domestic grazing animals.


organic cheese lancaster countyCheese – Hope Springs, Millwood, PA Noble, Green Acres, De-glae, Apple Tree, Yellow Springs

LFFC Cheese is made by organic local and member farmers. These farmers work together in creating classic and unique cheese varieties that range from cheddar to aged black diamond goat cheese. Some fan favorites include the Smokey Noble from member farmer Aaron at PA Noble. Aaron works with a local butcher who smokes the cheese, giving it a thorough smoke flavor. Organic member farmer Loren from Hope Springs makes many classic cheese options, including Mozzarella, Jack, Cheddar, and Harvarti. Amos from Misty Creek Dairy and Eli from Millwood Springs, an organic member farmer, was recently recognized for their Blue Cheese, a favorite of many staff members at LFFC. These cheeses are a point of pride for LFFC and will continue to be offered through the seasons.


LFFC has strict guidelines for all farms and production we support. All farm animals are fully pastured, never given hormones or antibiotics, only fed non-gmo feed, and are provided ample barn space for the colder months. All LFFC CSA shares are created to provide the community the with healthiest local options and to support local organic farmers. We believe that these shares serve our mission well and will be enjoyed by all the members who choose to support them!