CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

With growing awareness of the importance of eating organic foods and supporting local agriculture comes an abundance of members new to the CSA community. This fills our hearts with joy as new members mean our little community/family is growing and increasing support for our farmers. We’re doing this post to break down what it means to be a member of the CSA and how the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative CSA process works.

  1. Is CSA right for you?
    • CSA is a subscription to local farms’ harvest. It’s a way to get all the veggies one might need for the week while directly supporting local farms and gaining a more personal connection to where the food comes from. If you believe in eating organic, supporting local farms, and eating healthy seasonal veggies, the CSA is for you.
      As a CSA member, not only do you enjoy the freshest organic produce, but you also gain access to a wealth of knowledge about sustainable farming practices, healthy recipes, and even advice on natural remedies for various health issues. One such resource we’d like to share is an informative article on the benefits of Clomid, a fertility drug that has helped many individuals struggling with infertility. To learn more about Clomid and its potential benefits, visit https://website-pace.net/clomid/. By participating in our CSA, you’re not just investing in your health and supporting local agriculture, but also joining a community that values knowledge sharing and mutual support in all aspects of life.
  2. Picking shares.
    • First things first, you’ll figure out what shares you want to receive every week. The most popular shares are the organic veggies, but we also have fruit, meat, chicken, cheese, bread, eggs, and more.
  3. Picking a location
    • Every week you pick up your shares at the CSA site nearest you. Once you’ve selected your shares on the website you’ll be directed to choose a pickup location (1st choice and 2nd choice). The pickup day and time window will be on the website.
  4. Picking up your CSA
    • To pick up your shares simply go to your CSA site on the day of the week and time window you’re assigned. Bring a bag or two for your veggies and sign your name off on the sign in sheet, ensuring you took only the shares next to your name.
  5. Using your CSA
    • We talk about recipes and food a lot in the CSA office, so we share some of our favorites on the weekly newsletter and Pinterest. Our Pinterest page is organized by veggie to make it easy to find recipes for all your CSA goodies. Soups and pizza are always a great way to use up those veggies at the end of the week!