Testimonials from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op customers

“I want to thank the farmers for their amazing tomatoes. I ordered a bulk shipment for my family’s yearly canning. We were all so amazed at how fresh, firm, tasty and the most beautiful shade of red all the tomatoes were. It was our best year of canning yet. From now on we will only order from you! Thank you!” – Jennifer

“I have utmost respect and gratitude for all you do to continue on in this most important part of our American way of life. You deserve much praise!” – Greg

This year was my first time participating in a CSA. I absolutely loved it! The veggies from Lancaster Farm Fresh were plentiful and amazingly clean! Everything was washed very thoroughly. It was great to eat new things. I was basically obsessed with what I was getting each week, what I was going to make, etc. I think my family and coworkers were tired of my weekly announcement of what I got! – Christin

“BTW, this is my first year with your CSA and I am in heaven. Produce is so nicely packaged and almost always without blemish and delicious. Thx for all you do. We will be a regular future customer.” – Jill

“I manage the CSA pickup at my work in West Chester, PA. We’ve participated in the CSA for a few years now, and everyone who participates loves the variety and freshness of the food we get. It really makes me happy that I can help my colleagues have access to local, sustainably-grown, and extremely fresh and healthy food to feed their families. I really appreciate all the hard work that you do to feed us so well. It’s important to keep people connected to the earth, and I think food is the best way to do that. With the leftover swap box items from our CSA pickup, I’m able to donate to the local food cupboard to help feed low-income families. Thank you so much.” – Michael

“Thanks for all you do to bring amazing, fresh, local, organic produce to us! It’s amazing and I’m so thankful for it! Have an awesome day!” -Janelle


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The green tomatoes and beautiful lettuce are delicious! I’ve been very pleased with the quality and variety of the produce you guys send each week. In the rare instances where the produce arrives with blemishes I feel gratified knowing that they are evidence of the sustainable and organic methods used. – Alexandra