What our shareholders are saying about us …

  • We just wanted to let you know that we managed the first pick up without problem, and that we were delighted with the quantity, quality, and variety of produce. If this was a typical week, then it’s clear that this is one of the best investments that we ever made. – Judith and Charlie

  • I’m just wanting you to know how much I’m LOVING your CSA!

I made soup today, with thyme and garlic I had frozen this summer, a squash from a few weeks back, and carrots and onions from a more recent batch.

Earlier this week, I made tomato sauce from the 25 lbs of plum tomatoes I got from you this summer, and used mushrooms that came last week.

There was something else that filled me with appreciation, but I can’t remember.  Still, my point is, that this feels like the CSA that just keeps giving in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Thanks to you all for making it possible.


This year was my first time participating in a CSA. I absolutely loved it! The veggies from Lancaster Farm Fresh were plentiful and amazingly clean! Everything was washed very thoroughly. It was great to eat new things. I was basically obsessed with what I was getting each week, what I was going to make, etc. I think my family and coworkers were tired of my weekly announcement of what I got! – Christin


I just want to let you know, this is the best CSA I’ve ever signed up for. The food was wonderful, plentiful, and really a great value. You do a wonderful job and I’ll definitely be signing up again next year. – Colleen

“At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.” –  Michael Pollan
As a food blogger and a home cook wanting to use only fresh, LOCAL ingredients, I was thrilled to discover Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. During my winter share, every last root vegetable, micro-green, mushroom and bag of spinach was the pinnacle of freshness and flavor. That freshness inspired me to create recipes I never would have tried without the contents of my CSA box. Who knew Jerusalem artichokes were so versatile and hearty? And who knew a simple roasted mushroom could taste like a small miracle? Now I do! LFFC inspires new recipes and also gives me confidence – confidence in knowing my food comes from local, sustainable, family-owned farms. Like Michael Pollan, I like to know the story behind my food. LFFC tells an amazing story through each farmer they partner with and each perfect veggie I find in my CSA box. I cannot wait to see what the summer brings for shareholders – more inspiration, no doubt!

I enjoy the organic fruits and vegetables very much. My family has tried many new vegetables, and we have eaten much more healthily. In fact, we easily get in more than the five-a-day. – Judy

Lancaster Farm Fresh was my first CSA experience, and I highly recommend it. The shares definitely got bigger as the season progressed, and I thought that there was a good quantity and variety in the box each week, especially given that it was generally a tough farm season. I enjoyed the weekly newsletters and recipe ideas as well. – Francesca

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The green tomatoes and beautiful lettuce are delicious! I’ve been very pleased with the quality and variety of the produce you guys send each week. In the rare instances where the produce arrives with blemishes I feel gratified knowing that they are evidence of the sustainable and organic methods used. – Alexandra