Blackbird- Seitan Texas BBQ


Blackbird WINGS are crafted from seitan, our clean label plant-based meat. They’re hand-battered in NYC for the perfect crispy outside and tender inside! Best served dripping in Texas BBQ Sauce. Sauce packet included in each bag.

12oz box

Ingredients: Unbleached high-gluten flour, water, organic shoyu (organic whole soybeans, organic whole wheat, salt), organic tomato paste, organic sugar, organic vinegar, organic spices, salt, organic mustard seed, organic brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, natural hickory smoke flavor, natural flavor, lemon juice, black pepper, organic garlic powder.

Allergens: Wheat, Soy

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Founded by chefs, Blackbird Foods started by making seitan for local restaurants. As more customers started to request the option to cook with it in their homes, we opened our own dedicated facility in NYC to create the best Pizza, Seitan, and WINGS in the world. Blackbird Foods use only natural, non GMO ingredients that are 100% plant-based, cholesterol-free, vegan, and kosher.

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