Icaro- Hibiscus Yerba Mate


Icaro Hibiscus Yerba Mate blends Egyptian Hibiscus, Croatian Elderflower, green yerba mate and roasted yerba mate in a beautiful floral brew with roasted undertones. It is great as an afternoon pick me up that will still allow you to get a good night’s sleep!

Both 6 packs and full cases available!

Ingredients: Water, cane sugar*, green yerba mate*, roasted yerba mate*, hibiscus flowers*, elderflowers*, lemon juice*

53MG Caffeine (~1/2 a cup of coffee)


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Beyond its flavor profile, Icaro embodies a lifestyle—a ritual of connection and community. Sharing mate is a gesture of hospitality and camaraderie, a moment to pause and appreciate the present. With Icaro, every cup tells a story of heritage and respect for nature, making it not just a beverage, but a journey through the heart and soul of South America.

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