If you’ve received a Winter CSA share, chances are you’ve bumped into a turnip. Along with beets, radishes, cabbages, carrots, and potatoes, turnips are an absolute staple of winter harvest. Here’s some What-How-Why on turnips to ensure you thoroughly enjoy the hearty crop all through the cold winter months.

There are currently ten farmers in the Co-op growing turnips; eight of them are growing purple top turnips, one of the most common turnip varieties. Some of the other varieties our farmers grow include white hakurei, scarlet, gilfeather, and hinona kabu, a heirloom turnip that originated in japan during the 14th century. Steven from Echo Valley farm is known for growing some amazing scarlet and gilfeather turnips, and Gideon from Clover Patch from is all about the purple tops, growing about 2.5 acres.

Turnips are harvested through Fall and Winter and can be stored in a cool place for over a month, making them the perfect hearty veggie to keep on hand for soups or to simply roast. Turnips are a great source of vitamin C and can be made into a wide variety of dishes. To give you some variety in your turnip adventure, we’ve created a turnip Pinterest board filled with wonderful winter recipes. Enjoy!

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