Our mission is to deliver freshly picked produce to our wholesale markets and CSA members with as little turnaround time as possible. Generally our produce is on market shelves and in CSA members’ hands within 24 hours of being picked. This is impossible for the bigger companies to match.

For the upcoming growing season, LFFO is expecting to have up to 21-23 vehicles leased or rented through Penske. Their roadside service is unmatched, ensuring that the produce gets to where it needs to go in the event of a breakdown. Their preventative maintenance program helps ensure there are no breakdowns in the first place. Each year they are letting us out of leases on older trucks and putting us in progressively newer and safer trucks, with the most up-to-date technology. They have been a true partner, consistently extending themselves to help us achieve our mission.

To view a short feature Penske did on us, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFpkCc_gc8Q

Our drivers provide friendly, professional service and share your interest in locally-grown organic food. There’s no doubt that you’ll look forward to seeing them each delivery. As a small company we excel in providing you with the best customer service. How many other delivery companies have drivers who honestly care?

Although created to serve the LFFC, we are always looking for additional transportation opportunities. We offer fair prices- either by the pallet, by the mile, or by the case depending how far off our established routes we are asked to go. We don’t only ship food, we do a lot of general hauling as well. Call or email for a quote.
After years of getting all of the farmers’ products back to the warehouse one day, and then out to all of the customers the next day, we can say without hyperbole that we specialize in expedited shipping. Call us in an emergency- if we can help, we will.
Since you’re here on this website, you certainly share our healthy-minded, pro-environment philosophy and, as such, we will do everything we can to work with you. Spread the word!

Please contact me with any inquiries, and thanks for checking us out!

Ben Kreider
Transportation Manager
Lancaster Farm Fresh Organics, LLC
Root Network, LLC
Email- “ben at lancaster farm fresh dot com”
Phone- 717-656-3533x4