2023 Fall Egg Share


Our weekly egg share will deliver one dozen eggs every week.

Our biweekly egg share will deliver one dozen eggs every other week (during odd number weeks of the CSA season).

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One dozen farm-fresh eggs (choose either weekly or biweekly delivery). All of our eggs are gathered from chickens who are fully pastured and fed only certified organic or non-GMO, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free supplemental feed. Our chickens are never debeaked or kept in cramped quarters! These eggs are distinctly different from conventional grocery store eggs, with a richer texture and a vibrant, stronger yolk.

Biweekly eggs will be delivered every other week, so be sure to double-check the sign-in sheet each week to ensure you are picking-up on the correct week..

If for any reason we do not receive enough organic eggs from our farmers for a delivery, we will substitute that week’s egg share with local, non-GMO pasture-raised eggs. Of course, all Lancaster Farm Fresh eggs still contain no antibiotics or added hormones.

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