Poi Dog Guava Katsu Sauce


Guava Katsu is a tropical take on the ever-popular Japanese katsu BBQ sauce. Guava gives this sauce fruity, tropical flair and miso gives it a rich, umami depth. It makes a great marinade for meats and tofu, and a delicious dipping sauce for dumplings, schnitzel, and chicken.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, guava paste, soy sauce, vinegar, white miso, ginger, fresh garlic, onion, mushroom, white pepper, allspice

12 oz glass bottle

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For seven years, Poi Dog has been serving plate lunches, poke bowls and desserts rooted in Hawaii’s local food traditions to Philly. A Poi Dog is a “mixed breed” or “mutt” in Hawaiian pidgin, and refers to the hybrid foodways of this business, drawing from influences of the Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, and Portuguese workers who brought their cuisines to the Islands’ plantations, eventually melding together to form Hawai’i’s local food.


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