2023 Winter Veganize It! Share


Our Veganize It! Share will deliver one piece of tofu, one piece of vegan cheese, and one vegan pantry item every week.

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Our Veganize It! Share includes an organic brick of tofu, a piece of artisan-crafted vegan cheese from Bandit, and a locally made vegan pantry favorite every week.

  • One piece of tofu: made by Fresh Tofu Inc. who has been dedicated to making the best organic and non-GMO soy products since 1984
  • One vegan plant-based cheese item: made with love from Philly-based vendor, Bandit (all vegan cheeses are cashew based)
    • Examples: fresh mozz, maverick, barn cat, logs including pimento and fruit & nut, philly spread
  • One vegan pantry item: locally made vegan pantry items made with chemical-free non-GMO produce
    • Examples: maple syrup or sugar, fruit jam, flours or grains, herbal tea, and more

Order & Delivery Schedule:

  • The order deadline is 12pm every Wednesday.
  • Orders received by 12pm on Wednesdays will be delivered the following week.
  • Orders received after 12pm on Wednesdays will be delivered the week after.
  • Prorated pricing reflects this order and delivery schedule.
  • Please check your order confirmation email for the week you will begin picking up.  

Share items may vary from examples listed.