2021 Winter Omnivore It! Share


Our Omnivore It! share will deliver one meat item, one cheese item, and one pantry item every week.

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What the heck is Omnivore It?! It’s a new option to complement your veggie share and make CSA day even more awesome! The Omnivore It! share includes a prime cut of butcher-block favorite meat, artisan cheese ranging from classic farmhouse cheddar to creamy chevre, and a local pantry favorite made with love. Include one with your CSA and experience the bliss of eating a completely local diet. Delivered weekly.

Please note that this is an add-on share and does not include a vegetable share.

  1. One meat item: Fully pastured, antibiotic-free, hormone-free. Averaging 1 pound.
    • Examples: bacon, chicken breasts, beef steak, pork chops, chicken legs, ground beef, ham steak
  2. One cheese item: Fully pastured, antibiotic-free, hormone-free. Averaging 8oz. Some specialty varieties range between 4-6oz.
    • Examples: baby swiss, cave aged cheddar, havarti, lanchego, mild cheddar, monterey jack, mozzarella, raw aged sheep feta
  3. One pantry item: Locally made pantry items made with chemical-free non-gmo produce.
    • Examples: sauerkraut, maple syrup, jam, flour, maple sugar, raw honey, herbal tea, muesli

Share items may vary from examples listed.