2019 Herbal Medicine Share (CSM – Community Supported Medicine)


The Herbal Medicine share (CSM) is brought to you by Lancaster Farmacy, a small certified organic herb and flower farm here in Lancaster, PA.

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The Herbal Medicine share (CSM) is brought to you by Lancaster Farmacy, a small certified organic herb and flower farm here in Lancaster, PA. It includes one package for each season (spring, summer, fall, winter), and is delivered to CSA sites during the months of May (spring), August (summer), October (fall) and December (winter). Only 1 package remains (winter). If you purchase today, you are signing up for just the winter package; delivery week for the winter package is TBD but will be in early December.

Take your health in your own hands, aid in your wellbeing and healing throughout seasons with an Herbal Medicine share! The items you receive will expand your medicine cabinet for common use but also prepare you for seasonal aliments and illness. Included with each package is an informative newsletter, describing in detail the herbs used in each product. You’ll become familiar with every herb and its use, as well as where and how they’re grown.

Your package includes a spectrum of 5-6 handcrafted products made in small batches, ensuring you get the freshest and highest quality products available. A sample of things you will receive includes: digestive bitters, detoxifying tonics, healing salves, mineral salt soaks, herbal sun screen, bug spray, herbal first aid, elixirs, soothing balms, oil infusions, immune boosting and emotional support tinctures, dental care, cold and cough syrups, and over 7 loose leaf teas made from our farm-grown herbs.

Some feedback from our CSM members:

“I am so happy I signed up for this share and so ecstatic with the products you have provided. I am grateful for how good I feel when I consume and use various items you have crafted, but I am also so grateful for how much I have learned from you all. I am very, very appreciative. You are doing beautiful work that is healthy, educational, delicious, and valued for those you serve! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!”  –  Jackie

“I have to tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the CSM delivery! The stinging nettle and mint tea recipe was amazing. The tonic was, for one…in an adorable bottle, and two, is a wonderful way to cleanse and nourish my body naturally! I’m totally in love with the CSM.”  –  Dawn

“My family of five has presented multiple reasons to use nearly everything we received, and we quite looked forward to seeing what was going to be in the bag. I will continue with that as well!”  –  Anna

You may receive items like:

Spring (May)  Summer (August) Fall (October)  Winter (December)
Digestive bitters Calendula Oil Chaga Chai  Lip balm
Cleanse formula Sunshield Elderberry Syrup  Bath Salts
Beat Feet Foot Soak Bug Spray Ache Away Oil Chaga Chai
Dried Stinging Nettles Destress Elixir Beat Feet Foot Soak Cough Cordial
Tree Tea Lip Balm Anise Hyssop Mood support tincture
Strong Heart Tea Lifting Lemon Tea Fire Cider Sore Throat Spray
Healing Salve Tulsi Tea  Cold Care Tea
NourishMint Tea