Villanova 2020 Summer Shares

Villanova students and staff only! Participants MUST select PA: Villanova University as your first choice pickup location with NO second choice location due to this being a 10 week special season.

Weekly shares* are delivered for 10 weeks, from the week of 6/1/2020 through the week of 8/3/2020. Bi-weekly shares are delivered for a total of 5 weeks, between the week of 6/8/2020 through the week of 8/3/2020.

*Our fruit, flower, and bi-weekly herb shares start the week of 6/8/2020.

Registration deadline is noon on Wednesday May 27th!

Please read our Summer CSA Pickup Guide prior to picking up your shares. Make sure anyone who is picking up on your behalf also reads this guide, to ensure they collect the correct items! Please also see how to safely pick up your CSA Shares during the Covid-19 pandemic!

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