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Everything you need to know about our Home Delivery program.

What’s the difference between Home Delivery and CSA?
We host Home Delivery and CSA as separate programs. The two have a few major differences.

1. CSA is a one-time payment, while Home Delivery is a recurring subscription:
1. To purchase a CSA, you only need to pay once for a share that lasts for a set number of weeks (weeks vary by season). Pro-rated options are available ever for those that join later.

Home Delivery on the other hand, is an ongoing subscription that you pay for weekly, and you can pause or cancel at any time.

2. The CSA and Home Delivery stores have different offerings:
Home Delivery members have access to a wide variety of individual, artisanal “add-on products” and can shop as they please.

For CSA members, items like meat, cheese, and eggs also come in the form of shares, which also require a one-time payment to commit for a specific number of weeks.

3. CSA and Home Delivery arrive to you differently.
While CSA shares have you pick up at location near you, home delivery boxes ship right to your door. As a result, CSA costs less and helps you save!

What can I expect in my box each week?

Every week, we fill our Home Delivery boxes with locally sourced, certified organic vegetables. The number of produce items in your box depends on what your box subscription is.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of foods we include in each box. As we build our boxes through the seasons, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the best vegetables from spring, summer, fall, and winter. Fruit items are also included occasionally.

With the Mid-Atlantic’s colder winters, we do sometimes bring produce from outside the region. We work with partner farms to responsibly source fruits and vegetables that maintain the variety of products in your boxes.

What is the difference between a medium box and a large box?

While medium Boxes contain 7-8 different produce varieties each week. Large produce boxes contain 11-12 different produce varieties each week.

I like to plan ahead! How am I told what’s in my box each week?

We send two emails each week that list your box contents. Two days before your delivery, we send a newsletter that has the predicted contents for your box. Then, on the day of your delivery, we send an email that confirms what’s in your box.

We rarely change your items, but when we do, it’s to make sure everything you receive is the best quality possible!

How do you ensure my produce is fresh?

We built our home delivery to connect you directly with the farms that grow your food: us!

While most produce in grocery stores and other home delivery services can sit on shelves or in warehouses for days and even weeks, we harvest your box’s produce right from our fields. We then pack and deliver your box for the fastest turnaround possible. Plus, refrigeration and ice packs protect your produce all along the way.

Can I customize my box contents?

If we could, we would!

What makes our program different than other services is how it benefits farmers. Each week, the vegetables in your box are determined mostly by what’s available from our farms. This approach gives farmers a chance to grow and sell through an entire season, sustaining both their livelihoods and diverse growing practices. It also ensures you receive fruits and vegetables at their best point in the season!

You may always personalize your home delivery with add-on items in our online store, and please reach out if you have any specific needs! We care about your experience, and want to hear from you.

Can I buy add-on items on their own?
To purchase anything from our online store, you must have an active medium or large produce box subscription. Items purchased through our online store will be packed and delivered to you with your weekly home delivery produce box.

We’re always offering new, artisanal products and excellent promotions, so be sure to check out these “add-on items” in our online store!

When will my package arrive?

Your delivery day depends on your zip code. You may check what day you will receive your box with our zip code check form below.

To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Go to our website and select Home Delivery on the website menu to open the drop down

2. Select Shop Home Delivery

3. Click on a Medium or Large produce box, and add to your shopping cart by selecting “sign up now”

4. You will be prompted to enter your shipping zip code and then re directed to the shopping cart

5. At the top of the webpage, you will see a banner that says orders to {your zip code} will be due by {date} for delivery on {delivery day} . The delivery day listed here is when you can expect a produce box each week.

How is my credit card charged?

When you sign up for a home delivery subscription, you will be asked to enter your credit or debit card information as payment. Your card will remain on file and will be automatically billed each week.

These recurring charges happen on either Friday or Sunday, depending on what day you receive your home delivery.

For deliveries on Wednesday, your card will be charged the Friday before.

For deliveries on Thursday, you card will be charged the Sunday before.

You will receive a digital receipt to your email after your payment is processed. As long as you remain subscribed, billing and home delivery will be automatic every week!

For other items purchased through our online store, your card will be charged at point of purchase. These items will be delivered with your next produce box!

How can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions may be paused or cancelled at any time. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account through our website.

2. Once Logged in, you will be directed to the Account Dashboard.

3. To manage your subscription, click “subscriptions” on the dashboard menu.

4. Here, you will see your subscriptions, and options to pause or cancel.

If you do not wish to receive your home delivery the following week, please ensure you have completed these steps by Thursday (for Wednesday deliveries) or by Saturday (for Thursday deliveries).

To reactivate your subscription, please follow these same steps! We’d love to welcome you back whenever you’re ready.

How do I change my subscription payment method?
At this time, changing your payment method must be completed on a desktop computer, not a mobile device. To do so, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account through our website.

2. Once logged in, you will be directed to the Account Dashboard.

3. Select payment methods, and then add new payment method. Fill in the appropriate card information, and mark this card as your default payment

4. Next, you must link this new payment method to your subscription(s). Many people skip this step, but it’s CRITICAL in making sure your new payment method sticks!

5. To do so, select the “My Subscriptions” page in the Account Dashboard and select “Change Payment” button under your home delivery subscription.

6. You will need to then select the new payment method to associate it with your subscription!

Who is my shipping carrier?
We deliver to all households in Lancaster County through our own transportation fleet. All other deliveries are delivered by UPS within 24 hours.

While we take extra care to package your box contents securely, we understand that shipping issues can happen. Please let us know how we can help at homedelivery@lancasterfarmfresh.com!

What should I do with my home delivery packaging?

While we cannot accept cardboard box returns, rest assured in knowing that our boxes are already made up of 50% recycled material and may be recycled.

We are committed to using climate-friendly packaging wherever possible. Currently, the other materials in your box may or may not be recyclable depending on your local regulations. We are always working diligently to transition our packaging to better alternatives!