Poi Dog Chili Peppah Water


Poi Dog’s Chlii Peppah Water isn’t for drinking!

Chili Peppah Water is found on most tables in Hawai’i, nestled next to the shoyu. We say “chili peppah water over everything,” and “everything” refers to rice, meats, mac salad, vegetables and of course, fish. This version lends everything a spicy, vinegary tang, laced with a ginger kick. This spicy, tangy, gingery sauce is great over rice, meats, macaroni salad, and vegetables.

Ingredients: Water, Rice Vinegar, Distilled Vinegar, Red Peppers. Green Peppers. Onion, Sugar, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Ginger, Ancho Pepper

5oz bottle

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Poi Dog means “mixed breed” or “mutt” in Hawaiian Pidgin and refers to the hybrid foodways of the business, which for 7 years served plate lunches, poke bowls, and desserts rooted in Hawai’i’s local food traditions to Philly. Poi Dog’s flavors draw from the influences of the Chinese, Filipino, Japanese and Portuguese workers who brought their cuisines to the islands’ sugarcane and pineapple plantations, eventually melding them together
to form Hawai’i’s local food.


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